Website & Resources - Digital Public Library of America

Great find of images, primary sources, and a variety of other resources for school use!

From the site:

"DPLA connects people to the riches held within America’s libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions. All of the materials found through DPLA—photographs, books, maps, news footage, oral histories, personal letters, museum objects, artwork, government documents, and so much more—are free and immediately available in digital format. The cultural institutions participating in DPLA represent the richness and diversity of America itself, from the smallest local history museum to our nation’s largest cultural institutions. Our core work includes bringing new collections and partners into DPLA, building our technology, and managing projects that further our mission through curation, education, and community building."

From MeL - Using MeL for Biography Research for Students

From Deb Biggs at MeL -

Do you have an elementary through high school aged student at your desk looking for resources to write a biography for a school assignment or just satisfy their curiosity? Look no further than MeL, we have outstanding biographies spread among our various resources.
If you’re looking to browse in a particular area, such as a figure for Women’s History Month or a poet for National Poetry Month, BritannicaSchool is a good place to start. Research in Context for middle schoolers has over 232 individual biographies just on civil rights figures and they’re strong on ancient civilizations such as figures from India, Greece, Egypt, the Aztec Empire and Rome. If you’re looking for presidential biographies, Kids InfoBits is going to be your best bet at the elementary level and Britannica for high school students. Worldbook Kids specializes in brief biographies for the K-5 group that you can break down and explore by gender, area of specialty, country or cultu…

Google Sign-in - New & Updated

You may notice a new look and feel to your Google login!  As this update "goes live" this is what you should expect -

The first time, you will get a message box telling you that you should expect the new look:
While you may not have feelings one way or another about how it looks, if you are on a device that has many people logging in with their Google, you should appreciate the fact that you can now REMOVE accounts from the list.

Look at the bottom for a "Remove an account" option:
Clicking on that will put an x next to each account:

Clicking on the x will pop-up a confirmation window that you want to remove that account from the list:
Note- this does NOT delete the account, it just removes it from the list for quickly logging in the sign-in window.  It can always be added back to the list when you sign in with it again in the future.

Google Earth - New & Revamped

The new and improved Google Earth is here after 2 years of development, and it is worth checking out!

(First note - at this time you can only check it out using the Chrome browser, or with an Android devices.  From The Keyword Google Blog it will be "on iOS and other browsers in the near future.")

To get a nice introduction, I recommend reading the blog post Welcome Home to the New Google Earth.

Then, here are some quick overviews for starting to use it -

The landing page for Google Earth on the web gives some awesome views - I just sat and watched it scroll through a few times before clicking on the "Launch Google Earth."

After you launch, it will load - the time for this varies depending on your connection.  You will then see the new Google Earth

There are a variety of icons on the left side - you can click on the Waffle at the top to open the drawer if you need to know what each icon is.

One icon is not represented in the drawer - the "I'm Feeling Luck…

Google Takeout - Transfer Files

You may have students that are graduating this spring and want to move files/emails from their school Google accounts to a personal Google account.  Is this possible?  Yes, it is!  Google has made this much easier over the years.

Note:  when you do this it actually COPIES the files into your personal account - three things about this:
all sharing is broken in these new copies that are madeoriginal documents are still shared with same people as before (if shared)ownership of original documents stays with organization; ownership of copies are with your personal account If you want a video, check out this one by Just Cowen of Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District in Kingsford, MI (that would be way up in the UP :-)

Or, here are a few directions with screenshots:

1. Log into the Google account that has the files you want to transfer, then go to

2. For step 1, enter the personal Google account you are moving the files to, then click "Send Code":