Public Domain Day - January 1, 2020

What do the following works all have in common?

musical composition of Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin The Man in the Brown Suite by Agatha ChristieWhen We Were Very Young by A.A. MilneThe Magic Mountain by Thomas Mannthe first film adaption of Peter Pan*

They all entered the US public domain on January 1, 2020! On that day works from 1924 entered the US public domain "where they will be free for all to use and build upon, without permission or fee."

As a historic note, these works would have entered public domain in 2000, but Congress extended copyright terms to 95 years, so we just began having yearly release of works into the public domain in 2019 again.  Why is this important?  Yearly new works are made available for a variety of uses.  From the Center for the Study of the Public Domain (maintained by Duke Law):
How will people celebrate this trove of cultural material? The Internet Archive will add books, movies, music, and more to its online library. HathiTrust will…

Google Mail - Understanding and Using Archive

Knowing about and using the Archive button in your email is one key to keeping your Inbox under control.  When looking at an email message, OR if you have checked next to an email in your inbox, you have several options at the top, the Archive icon is the very first one (which should clue you in to the fact it is important!)

Using the Archive, means having at least a basic understanding for what it does. 

Here it my very simplified explanation I provide in my trainings:
Google uses a "label" system instead of a "folder" system.  With a folder system (what many of us trained to with programs such as Outlook...and even before electronic mail when dealing with paper mail), mail is stored in a specific location - it can be in 1 location, and 1 location only.  So you need to remember where you "put" it.   Whereas a "label" system deals with (essentially) sticky note labels "attached" to emails.  I can put as many - or as few - labels as I …

#GoOpen Michigan - New Resources Added

Over 1500 new or updated resources have been added to #GoOpen Michigan! Check out these additions which provide more for every curriculum area -
NEW International Astronomical Union (57 resources) - set of activities/lessons bundled under AstroEDU set NEW (342 resources) - includes lesson plans for CS Discoveries, CS Fundamentals, and CS Principles NEW National Endowment for the Humanities (405 resources) - EDSITEments set with a variety of resources including lessons, activities and readings NEW US Census Bureau (62 resources) - K-12 activities from the Statistics in Schools project UPDATED CK-12 resources (798 resources) - updated flexbook resources

REMC Association Survey

The REMC Association is gathering data to inform us on which projects Michigan educators are using, along with what future project topics would be of value to you.  

Please take 2-3 minutes to fill out this brief form - REMC Association Survey -  to help inform our work.   Please share with other educators in your district.  If you have questions, contact me at

Google Mail - Setting up & Using Template Emails

There are a few emails that I use on a regular basis - the email body is pretty much the same each time, just a small part of it is changed.  An example is the Technology Tidbits emails I send out when we are doing a series - the only part that changes is the actual tidbit, while the introduction and other information stays the same.  To not have to recreate this email each time (or find an old one and copy and paste it), I have turned on the Email Templates and created a template email to use.

1. How to turn it on: When in your email, go to the Gear icon and select Settings

Click on Advanced in the tab options across the top of the settings window -

Scroll down the list until you find Templates -

Click Enable, and then click the button to Save Changes -

2) How to set up a template: Open a new email.  Compose the standard message you want to turn into a template, just as if you are creating a new message. You can even format the message as desired, including links.  A couple ways I f…