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PD Opportunity: Teacher Exchange Program

Teacher Exchange Program - for Teachers in Branch, Calhoun, Hillsdale & Jackson Counties (Michigan)
The new Teacher Exchange program is designed to give teachers the opportunity to visit other classrooms from the region to see "real world" practices for blended learning and digital formative assessments. Graduates of 21 Things are given first priority to be part of a cohort that will go on the visits!  This includes: ​2 visits between Jan-MaySub costs coveredGuided discussion with the cohort and a teacher-facilitator on the day of the visitsA few brief follow up surveys See more details and apply:
I really hope to see many of you take advantage of this and be able to bring some important conversations and practices back to your building! Your foundation from 21 Things really equips you to be ready to take the next steps, and getting a new perspective from other classrooms can often times lead to amazing insights!

PD Opportunity - Blended Learning in the Classroom

Michigan Educators - you have another opportunity to participate in FREE professional development to learn about and implement blended learning in your classroom! 
The course runs approximate 15 weeks, starting January 12 and closing the beginning of May. There is one required face-to-face session a couple weeks into the course where you will personally meet with your instructor and learning cohort.  You can expect to spend about 4-5 hours per week on the course (or 6-10 hours per each of the 8 modules).  There is an option to receive 62 SCHECHs (available for $10) if desired.
Details are found on the REMC Blended Learning Project page at  Registration is found at . You select the face to face location that works best in your schedule.

BLiC has graduated over 600 educators across the state of Michigan over the past two years.
If you have any questions please feel free to email