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Google Sites - Add a FavIcon

With Google Sites, you can edit the FavIcon that appears in the tab of your website.  This is a pretty easy couple steps to help make your site more identifiable.

1. Go to the More Menu and select Edit favicon-

2. In the window that appears, either select to Upload (from your computer/device) or Select the icon (from your G Drive or a Search) -

3. Find the graphic you would like to use -

4. Select the graphic -

5. Preview it - you can trash it and start over if you don't like it -

6.  The next time you publish your site, the icon will change from the Google Sites icon to your selected icon -

MeL Minute - Tools To Make Life Easier

From Christine Schneider, K12 Education Specialist at Michigan E-Library:

Completing projects around the house can be so much easier when you use the right tools.  The same goes for research! This week’s MeL Minute will identify a few (sometimes hidden) tools in MeL that will make research a cinch for library staff, patrons, and students. And stay tuned in July for a MeL Minute on Hidden Searching Tricks in MeLCat!
Gale Database Tools
Topic Finder - this is an amazing tool that allows you to visually see related topics, and can help narrow down to a more specific research topic.  This tool can be found in all InfoTrac databases, as well as Opposing Viewpoints in Context. For more information about Topic Finder, you can watch the short video or read over the Gale Periodical Collections Resource Guide and the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Guide.Highlights and Notes - In any of the Gale databases, researchers can highlight sections of text in an article, add notes and then download to save…

Dress Up Presentations by Removing Image Backgrounds - Crosspost by Paul Murray

Cross-post on tool to remove image backgrounds by Paul Murray, Portage Public Schools.  You can check out Paul's blog at PPS Tech Integration and Training

Dress Up Presentations by Removing Image Backgrounds How many ugly looking presentations are you going to have to look at again at the end of this project?

I mean, just look at this example at the right.

His picture (although ruggedly handsome) is sitting right on top of the Eiffel Tower and it has all this horrible background clutter distracting from the tower itself. Not to mention the I “heart” Paris image with that unappealing square, white background. Ugh.

So, how can we fix it? How can the student keep the images he has so carefully selected, but get rid of that white background and the image clutter?

Enter... has an EASY TO USE background removal tool that makes this quick and painless for teachers and students.

Every time a student visits the Background Remover the set of instructions below appears to re…

Ancestors, Archaeology and the Anishinabek: Bridging the Past into the Future

From the Michigan Department of Transportation -

Representatives from 10 sovereign Native American nations in Michigan, five State of Michigan agencies, two universities, and three private organizations collaborated to develop two short curriculum units, one for 3rd grade and one for 5th grade. Each grade level unit includes five lesson plans and support materials for teachers using information from two archaeological sites provided by MDOT and cultural, historical, environmental, and indigenous knowledge provided and vetted by Michigan Native American tribal partners participating in the project. The lesson plans use the Inquiry Arc of the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework and focus on specific Michigan Social Studies Standards. The lesson plans also provide links to Michigan English Language Arts (ELA) literacy standards, as well as science and math applications. Questions?
Staff Archaeologist James Robertson, 517-335-2637
Fast facts and link:
Lesson plans that meet curre…

Google Drive - New Look to Drive

You may notice a new, fresher look to Google Drive that matches the look of the updated email.  Some changes:

The font used the breadcrumb trail is updatedThe New button is updated My guess from a updates blog post is the logo for our G Suite for EDU will be moved over as part of the user account graphic soon, and be replaced with Google's standard logo.  (Similar to the change that has already been made in the updated Mail.)

MeL Minute - Gale Directory Library

From Christine Schneider, K-12 Education Specialist at Michigan e-Libaray:

If you haven’t checked out Gale Directory Library lately, you are missing out!  For more than 60 years, Gale Directory Library has been a trusted source of information for many libraries and patrons. With a major new enhancement to the interface, additional workflow tools, and improved search and export capabilities in place, this popular collection of online directories is easier to use than ever before.
Data that Works for You Businesses seeking prospects, students searching for scholarships, fundraisers looking for contacts, and patrons researching health care providers by location and specialty, will find the information they need.
Also, last year MeL added Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S. (2017), so be sure to check it out!
Here is a brief summary of the new enhancements:
Homepage ·Cover images now display for each series and include a description of the content within. ·Cover imag…

MeL Minute: Britannica and Google Classroom

The latest MeL Minute from the Library of Michigan -

Are you a Google Classroom educator/school/district? If so, your life just got a lot simpler. Now, you can easily share Britannica School articles, videos, and images directly to your Google Classroom! This step-by-step video, Britannica Digital Learning and Google Classroom, will get you on the path to sharing Britannica’s trusted and reliable content in no time.
When sharing content to a Google Classroom, there is one additional step you need to take here in Michigan so that students will not get a login screen.  Because we use geo-location, you must instruct Google Classroom students to first open any level of Britannica School, and then click on the link of the shared content.  For step-by-step instructions with screenshots, go to

Google Sheets - Print Only Selected Cells

You should now have the ability to select exactly what you want to print, when printing from Google Sheets.  In addition to being able to print the "current sheet" or entire "workbook" (all sheets), you can now just print "selected cells."

When on your sheet, highlight the cells you want to print.  Select to print it using the File Menu, print icon or control+P.  In the Print preview menu that appears to the right, click on the dropdown under Print -

Pick option "Selected cells" from the choices -
The print preview pane will change from displaying the entire current sheet to only displaying the selected cells you want to print so you can proof it to ensure you have the right information -