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Google Calendar - Duplicating an Event

Sometimes you end up with multiple events that have the same setup - the same people, same rooms, same times, etc.  But it may be that setting recurring events just doesn't make sense.  When this happens you need to duplicate the event instead.  Here's how:

Open up the event to duplicate.  Go to More Actions and select Duplicate
Change the date to the additional date:

Google Calendar - Create a Secondary Calendar

Once people start using Google Calendar, they tend to find that they have "subsets" of events that they are changing settings for.  Some examples:
Changing the color of all the items that are part of a certain project.  Constantly changing notifications for items that are tasks to be done.  If part of a GAFE using district, changing the privacy settings on events that colleagues don't need details to.Inviting the same colleagues to lots of events as you are collaborating on something (which can also annoy them if they get an email invite for each one...) Instead of make constant consistent changes, you should instead create a secondary calendar.  This allows you to set default calendar settings to all events that are added to that calendar that are DIFFERENT from your main calendar.  Here's how to do it -

Click on the arrow to the right of My Calendars and choose Create new calendar
Enter a name for your calendar. (I chose Room Bookings for mine.) Then click on Create

FREE Event - Southwest Michigan Mini Maker Faire

A great free family event on June 4 at St. Joseph, MI - take your kids and spend the day "making!"
For more information, and to see some of the great makers that are hosting spaces, check out the FaceBook page.

MeL - Bridging the summer reading gap using MeL resources

Free MeL webinar May 25 3:30pmSummer reading is an essential component of maintaining and growing a student's academic achievement. Library summer reading programs advance literacy, foster lifelong readers, and position libraries as pivotal in Michigan student's education. Please join us May 25 at 3:30pm for a free webinar focused on summer reading resources in MeL.
Registration is free and open to all Michigan library staff.  Read more and register for this webinar.
This webinar will be recorded, archived, and made available.

PD Opportunity - BreakoutEDU

Berrien RESA is offering a PD session led by Kelly Kermode that will cover all things Breakout related on July 14th, 2016.  The training will cover how to develop games, how to use the materials in the kit effectively, and might even include playing a couple of games as a group!   Please pass this around to anyone who may be interested. Space is limited so that attendees get the best possible experience when trying to Breakout! 
What: BreakoutEDU PD Where: Berrien RESA, Berrien Springs, MI When: July 14th, 2016 8:30am - 1pm Registration fee: $125 for all materials necessary to make a Breakout Kit plus lunch Registration Deadline: June 14th, 2016  Registration Link:
4 SCECH's will be available for a $5 fee.

Google - Getting New Features As They Appear

I've been asked a couple time how to get the new features as soon as Google releases them when part of a Google Apps for Education account.  First, know that only Super Administrators in the GAFE account are able to set this.  Second, I encourage you to consider strongly the pro & cons to turning this on if you have kids on your GAFE account.

That being said, I do enjoy being able to try out new features as they appear so get why others don't like to wait :-)

Here is how to turn on automatic Rapid Release of new features:

Once logged in to the Admin Dashboard, click on Company Profile

Then click on Profile:

Look about 2/3rds of the way down the options for the New User Features and New Products options. 
Rapid release enables new features as they are available.  Scheduled release is on a delayed schedule.Automatic provides new services to users as they are releasedManual requires site Admin to add new services

Google Slides - Built in Back Channel!

One of the new features to be released last week for Google Slides is pretty slick for now having an interactive presentation!  It is the new Audience Q&A feature.  Basically you can have a backchannel for any of your Google Slides presentations.  Here's how it works:

First create your presentation.  Once it is created you you are ready to present click on the little arrow immediately to the right to the Present icon - this will give you the option of Presenter view.  Select Presenter view:

You will get a window where you can now either see your speaker notes OR now view audience questions in a new Audience Tools tab!  To use the Audience Q&A, you'll first click on the Start Now button:

Once enabled, you will have a link for the presentation, and a toggle to turn the feature on/off:  One note about the link - if you close the window on your presentation, and then reopen it you get a NEW url.  So, for instance, if you are a teacher and want to share the link prior to t…

PD Opportunity - GoogleFEST

#migooglefest August 9 & 10, 2016 Amway Grand Plaza Hotel Grand Rapids, MI
Registration Cost:  One day: $89Two days: $169 Registration will open April 29. Breakfast and lunch included. 2-day registration includes Certified Educator Level 1 and/or Level 2 Exemption vouchers! August 9 - Advanced training of your choice in one of the following areas: Google Bootcamp, Google Explore, or Google AdminAugust 10 - 50+ sessions on all things Google!   Presented by:

Google Administration - Whitelisting Domains for Google Classroom

There are two situations that I have run across where a G Suite for Education School would need to whitelist a domain (or subdomain).  These are:
If your students and teachers are on two different domainsIf you are in a situation like me - as a support organization I want to provide training to teachers that are in their own Google Apps district It is quite easy to do this - it just has to be done by a Google Apps for Education Administrator. There are THREE parts to this, make sure all of them are set for it to work properly!
Part 1 - add the domains In the Google Admin Dashboard, click on Domain (if it doesn't show, click on the More at the bottom)

Once in the Domain management area, click on Whitelisted domains-

Click on Add new -

1. Type in the domain to whitelist, then
2. Click on Add Domain to Whitelist -

Part II - Set Classsroom Settings Go back to the Home level of the Google Admin panel - click on the Apps icon:
Click on the G Suite Core Service apps:
Click on Classroom:


PD & Networking Opportunity for Administrators - Leadership MIndshare

Leadership Mindshare #MINDSHARE16
August 4 & 5, 2016
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
Grand Rapids, MI

Registration: $149, includes registration for 2 days, breakfast and lunch. 
Register Now »

Book a room
at a special rate of $149/night at Amway (with room reservation pay only $10/night for self-park). Featured Speakers: Brad Gustafson, Amber Teamann and Mark Wilson will cover the following pillars:
Leading through Critical ConversationLeading through StrategyLeading through InnovationLeading through Empowerment Download the agenda.  
Presented by MACUL SIG Admin.