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Moodle - Completion Status (an advanced feature)

One of the newer features within Moodle is the availability of completion status.  As an instructor, you can turn this on (as long as it has been enabled at the server level) and then use it to help students "track" which items they have completed within your course.
Advantages of this feature: There are several advantages:If you do not use the gradebook, it gives an alternative way for students to track their progressIt is flexible by activity so you can set completion "standards" such as a grade or action, or even set it so students can mark it themselvesIt can be used in conjunction with contingencies, so activities can be dependent on each other (students have to complete one activity to see or do another)Disadvantages of the feature: There are a couple drawbacks to using this feature as well:While a default can be set within your course, if you set parameters for completion it has to be set on each activityIt has to be enabled at the server level To see if you …

iPads in Education - MyScript Calculator Review

MyScript Calculator
Basics: MyScript Calculator allows you to handwrite the equations and then it converts it to type text while solving it.  This eliminates the back & forth movement from selecting numbers and mathematical symbols from a selection screen.  It handles fractions, factorials, exponentials, trigonometry, logarithms in addition to basic math operations.
Drawbacks:  Be careful if you are doing equations - you cannot use an "x" as it reads that as a multiplication symbol.  However, you can use other variable symbols.

Current Costs:  currently FREE!

Link to iTunes Store:

Google Apps - Inserting a Calendar Invitation Via Email

Did you know you can insert a Calendar Invitation right in an email?  When you are composing a message, if you mouse over the bottom of the compose window you get additional icons:

The little calendar icon (called Insert Invitation) not far from the trash icon is what you choose to add an event that goes on your calendar and can be easily added to the recipient(s) of your email.   

When you click on this, a new window comes up:

You can enter all the information for your event right here.  Additionally, if some of the people you are inviting have shared their calendars with you it will list their name & show their available time along with yours under the who.  Just note that if they have not shared their calendar, you will not be able to view their busy/free time.

Once you have completed inputting the information and click on Insert Invitation, it will place it in the body of the email inside a dotted box: