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Google Script - Create a Drop-Down List from Spreadsheet Column

(Updated on 3/21/2017 - triggers have been moved!)

(I just created a new related post on how to create a multiple choice question on the form that a bit simplified - takes the "other" answers in a multiple choice question on a form, and updates the multiple choice options with those as options.)

I guess it was only a matter of time before I ended up dabbling with Google Scripts.  Today I was asked by a teacher how he could populate a drop-down list on his Google Form from data on a spreadsheet - and have it update as he changed the data.  Not finding an add-on for this (why recreate the wheel? :-)  I explored creating a script.  And...discovered that this task is not too hard!

To do this yourself -
1. Create your form.  
Really important step.  Make sure to create your drop-down item and give it a title, but you do not need to add any options to it (because later you will populate it from the spreadsheet).

2. Create the spreadsheet where your list will reside.
You have two o…
In case you missed it - MeL now has Chrome Apps for your use -

Michigan eLibrary Chrome Apps Access to your favorite Michigan eLibrary (MeL) databases is now even easier when you install the FREE MeL Chrome Apps! These apps are compatible with any Mac, PC, or Chromebook running the Chrome browser and provide simple one-click access to MeL databases. Install these apps for FREE from the Chrome Webstore!
For additional information and directions for installation go to the Technology Resources in the redesigned MeL Teachers portal, thanks to Christine Schneider, Michigan eLibrary Education Specialist.
MeL Access the entire Michigan eLibrary which features all of your favorite MeL databases and resources including MeLCat.
MeL- Teens

Webinar: Election Coverage with Britannica & MeL

From Christine Schneider, MeL K-12 Education Specialist -

"Join us on October 18th for a 45 minute webinar to discover content paired with learning strategies to prepare students’ understanding of the upcoming election.  We’ll discover content on the history of presidential elections in the United States, the electoral process, political parties, and key issues surrounding this November’s election. 
Pick the time that works best for you!
October 18th at 10 AM EST October 18th at 4 PM EST
Please share this with anyone in K-12.
Email me with any questions:"

Website Find - NASA Education

In honor of World Space Week, I encourage you to check out NASA Education.  NASA has developed quite a useful site for educators! 

From the site:
"As the United States begins the second century of flight, the Nation must maintain its commitment to excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education to ensure that the next generation of Americans can accept the full measure of their roles and responsibilities in shaping the future....
NASA will continue to pursue three major education goals:
-- Strengthening NASA and the Nation's future workforce
-- Attracting and retaining students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, disciplines
-- Engaging Americans in NASA's mission"

Some of the items you will find on this site:
Subscription to a weekly email with education opportunitiesLesson plans & teaching materials searchable by keyword, subject and grade levelLinks to other useful materials, including NASA Galleries whic…

Google Classroom - Invite a Co-Teacher

It is very easy to add a co-teacher to your Google Classroom.  If you have whitelisted domains with your domain, you can even have a coteacher from another domain!

Here's how:

Go to the About page in the course you want to, and look in the lower left corner for the "Invite Teacher" button.  Click it -

On the screen that appears, check the box next to any account you want to add as a teacher.  You can use the search bar to find the account(s) more quickly.  Once they are all checked, click on Next -

 Another pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to invite this person to be a teacher in the course.  Click Invite -

 The person will now show up in the left side (and at the top) as an invited instructor -

Once the person accepts the invitation, it will remove (invited) after their name so you know -

MeL Teachers has Launched

From Christine Schneider, MeL K-12 Education Specialist

"Just in time for the 2016-17 school year, MeL Teachers (, a completely revamped and resource-driven teacher portal, was launched in mid-August.  It is focused on providing assistance to teachers, media specialists, administrators, and anyone involved in K-12 with help navigating MeL and integrating the resources into Michigan classrooms.
MeL Teachers offers eight targeted centers that improve site navigation, making no-cost databases and other content more readily accessible. Here is a quick overview of each center: Elementary Resources is especially for PreK-5th grade and focuses on MeL Kids, There are handouts, slide decks and videos that can be used in the classroom to introduce students to MeL resources and supplemental classroom materials.Secondary Resourcesis designed for grades 6 through the first two years of college and focuses on MeL Teens,