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Google Mail - Attach Files to your Email

If you need to share a file that is located on your device with a person, you can attach the file via your email message.  Here are the steps to do this.

Begin composing your email message.  When you are ready to attach a file (or multiple files), click on the paper clip icon at the bottom of the compose window

The standards "open" window will pop up

1 - Select the file you want to attache, then 2 - click on Open

1 - The file will be added at the bottom of the message; if it is larger (or you are on a slow Internet connection) you may see a bar showing the attachment progression.  Once it is loaded the title of the attachment will convert into a hyperlink and an X will appear next to it on the right side.
2 - The attach icon will change to include a piece of paper around - this is an indicator that there is an attachment connected to your message (if you have a longer message and are not looking at the bottom this can be a useful

You can attach multiple files, if needed.


Google Mail - Adding a Hyperlink

You may want to add a hyperlink to your email for your recipients.  This is very easy to do when creating your message.

(Here is the short video for this topic: Adding a Hyperlink.)

When composing your message, 1 - highlight the text you wish to link and then 2 - click on the link icon in the bar at the bottom

Or you can use a shortcut by pressing Control + K

The hyperlink window will appear.  1 - this is the text that will be linked; if you didn't highlight text, this will be blank and you can type in the text which should appear in the email message. 2 - this is where you put the URL (link) you wish to direct them to

This will create the hyperlink in the body of your email message so people can directly go to the linked page

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MKL Day Volunteer Project Financial Support

The Michigan Community Service Commission is providing volunteer project support to Michigan organizations as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service 2020. Note that projects engaging youth volunteers & financial literacy will be given preference. 

All proposed events or activities must occur on or around Martin Luther King, Jr. Day beginning Friday January 17, 2020 through Friday January 24, 2020. Preference will be given to events that occur sometime during Friday, January 17th through Monday, January 20th.
Awards valued at up to $1,000 are available from partners Michigan Nonprofit Association and Youth Service America and will be distributed based on the following scale: $1,000- Engage 300 or more youth volunteers$750- Engage 100 or more youth volunteers$500- Engage 50 or more volunteers$250- Engage at least 25 volunteers$100- Engage at least 10 volunteers All partners must provide $1 for $1 cash or in-kind match support.
Funds must be used to support element…

Google Mail - Composing a New Message & Setting Recipients

When you are composing email, you have several options when selecting how to send the message to recipients.  There is a different reason for using each option.  Let's explore them.

(Here is the short video for this topic: Comping & Recipient Options.)

First, to compose a new message you can either click on the Compose button

Or you can use a shortcut by pressing the C key
Either one will open up the Compose window where you create your email message.

At the top you set the recipients of your email.  This is where you have three options-

1 - TO: this is the standard recipient type, and is used the most.  Email addresses are entered for each recipient that you want to receive the email
2 - CC: this stands for Carbon Copy.  CC is used if there is a person (or are people) you want to share the email with to keep them informed, but they are really not the primary person you are communicating with.
3 - BCC: this stands for Blind Carbon Copy.  BCC is used to send the email to multip…