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Google Earth - New & Revamped

The new and improved Google Earth is here after 2 years of development, and it is worth checking out!

(First note - at this time you can only check it out using the Chrome browser, or with an Android devices.  From The Keyword Google Blog it will be "on iOS and other browsers in the near future.")

To get a nice introduction, I recommend reading the blog post Welcome Home to the New Google Earth.

Then, here are some quick overviews for starting to use it -

The landing page for Google Earth on the web gives some awesome views - I just sat and watched it scroll through a few times before clicking on the "Launch Google Earth."

After you launch, it will load - the time for this varies depending on your connection.  You will then see the new Google Earth

There are a variety of icons on the left side - you can click on the Waffle at the top to open the drawer if you need to know what each icon is.

One icon is not represented in the drawer - the "I'm Feeling Luck…

Google Takeout - Transfer Files

You may have students that are graduating this spring and want to move files/emails from their school Google accounts to a personal Google account.  Is this possible?  Yes, it is!  Google has made this much easier over the years.

Note:  when you do this it actually COPIES the files into your personal account - three things about this:
all sharing is broken in these new copies that are madeoriginal documents are still shared with same people as before (if shared)ownership of original documents stays with organization; ownership of copies are with your personal account If you want a video, check out this one by Just Cowen of Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District in Kingsford, MI (that would be way up in the UP :-)

Or, here are a few directions with screenshots:

1. Log into the Google account that has the files you want to transfer, then go to

2. For step 1, enter the personal Google account you are moving the files to, then click "Send Code":

Encyclopedia of Associations Now in MeL

From Deb Biggs at MeL:

We are happy to announce that the Encyclopedia of Associations (EA): National Organizations of the U.S., 2017, 56th edition has been added to the Gale Directory Library in MeL! Click in the “Organizations” + box to select and then type your search term in the “Basic Search” box keeping in mind that you can specify your search words as well as limit results.  EA is the most comprehensive source for detailed information on more than 24,000 nonprofit American membership organizations of national scope and multi-national scope. Every entry offers a wealth of valuable data, typically including the organization's complete name, address and phone number together with the primary official's name and title; fax number, website and email when available; founding date, purpose, activities and dues; narrative description of association's purpose and activities; national and international conferences; and more.  Encyclopedia of Associations can be an excellent re…

MACUL Grants Available

Applications for the 2017-18 MACUL Grants are being accepted until May 15!

Purpose: To encourage and support members interested in promoting effective instructional uses of the computer or related-equipment.

Grant Goal: Each project should focus on an instructional use of the computer or related equipment, which has the potential of being replicated in other educational settings.

Grant Limit per Application: $1,500

Eligible Applicants: MACUL members who are classroom teachers, coordinators, administrators, or higher education personnel. MACUL grant recipients from the last two years are ineligible to apply.

For more information, include worksheet & rubrics, visit

Get your grant in by 5 pm on May 15!!

From Library of Michigan: Literacy and Fake News - FREE Online webinar

The second of three Library 2017 mini-conferences: "Digital Literacy & Fake News," will be held online (and for free) on Thursday, June 1st, from 3:00 - 6:00 pm EDT.
This event is being organized in partnership with futurist Bryan Alexander, who will serve as moderator for the opening panel and as the closing keynote speaker. Invited panelists and presenters will look deeply at the foundational relationship of libraries and librarians to media, information, and digital literacy.
All library professionals, employers, LIS students, and educators to provide input and participate this event.
To read more about the event and register for free visit:
The School of Information at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor, and this event is being held in collaboration with American Library Association.

Back-To-School Supplies Grant Opportunity from MEEMIC


Announcing our Popular Back-to-School Grant Round - with a New Twist!
In recognition of the Meemic Foundation's 25th anniversary, we are celebrating by funding our largest grant round ever - $200,000 will be available to fund back-to-school needs for more than 1,000 classrooms and schools.
And the exciting new twist? Foundation Club members that are currently employed at an educational institution can apply for funding for their classroom (with a $100 grant) and for their school (with a $1,000 grant). Our $100 classroom back-to-school grant helps fund classroom supply needs. With our $1,000 school grant, any Foundation Club member can nominate their current school, their child's school, a former school they attended or a local school in need for the opportunity for back-to-school supply needs for the entire school! The grant funding must be used exclusively through our Office Depot® grant fulfilment website.
What You Need to Know Application process for both…

Discovery Education - Resources you can use...

Discovery Education has provided a curated list of updates below, which includes links to relevant resources and virtual events available within our current DE Streaming service.  

Timely Content: ·Earth Day Journal Strategy - Chesapeake Bay Watershed  - Use the instructional strategy Journals as a summarizing activity that allows students at various levels of academic vocabulary to participate by drawing, writing a few short phrases, or composing complex sentences. Find more Earth Day activities here. ·The Science of Opioid Addiction - Curriculum Resources -  Aligned to national health and science standards, these resources introduce students to the science behind opioids and their impact on the brain and body. ·Memorial Day Activity Board - As your students get ready for summer, use this Board as a classroom activity or project to engage them in designing a memorial to honor an individual or event.
Professional Learning Opportunities: ·April Webinar Series oIntro to Discovery Ed…

Google Docs - Change of Case

Change of case is now available when working in Google Documents!

Check it out if you haven't seen it -