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iPads in Education - Connecting Meraki to Apple Deployment

Here are the steps to connect Meraki to the Apple Deployment site.

(Prerequisites for this activity:

Your district already enrolled in Apple DeploymentYour Meraki server initially setup) Start in Meraki -  Go to the side - click on MDM setting under OrganizationScroll down the area headed Apple Device Enrollment ProgramClick to download the Public Key  Go to the Apple Deployment website ( Click on Manage Servers under Device Enrollment Program  Click on the server you added for Meraki. (You will need to Add MDM Server if you have not previously added the server.)Under Server Details, click on Add Key  Find and select the key you downloadedA server token will show up - click to download & save that Click Done Go back to Meraki -  Click on Choose File to upload your server token Make sure to Save Changes at the bottom of the page Here is a video if you prefer that format:

iPads in Education - MDM with Meraki Overview

Here is a graphical overview of setting up for iOS device management with Meraki -

Some lessons learned-

This process is not linear!You have to touch every iOS deviceYou must log into an Apple ID on every deviceSome settings conflict - figuring out what can be time consumingBETA is...well...BETA - expect some glitches
Note - this is just all the setup!  It doesn't get you into the management of apps at all, just through the steps of getting your devices listed and managed in Meraki.
Over the next couple weeks I'll be adding video support for each of the steps via YouTube.  They will also be added to iTunesU under Michigan's MI Learning, with a few companion documents.

Google Document - Merge Cells in a Table

Finally!  As the newest Google Drive features are rolling out, one of the ones is the addition of a couple menu items for tables - you will be able to merge and unmerge table cells.

Here is the old menu -

The new menu - 
As you can see - the menu is just extended with two more menu choices of "merge cells" and "unmerge cells."
When will this appear in your own Google?  I'm not sure.  However,  I know it has already been implemented into 2 of my 4 Google accounts.

Opportunity - "Redefining Literacy to Today's Learners" webinar with DE's Karen Beerer

I just received this via email about an event tonight - looks like a great opportunity if you can register and attend at 7 pm ET!

"Good afternoon,
I just received late-breaking information that Discovery Education’s Karen Beerer is hosting a special webinar presentation this evening at 7pm ET “Redefining Literacy for Today's Learners.”  This is open to all users of Discovery Education, and anyone else who may benefit.  Please share the registration link below.  Registration is free. 
More details can be found here.
Here’s the registration link with more info
Description of Webinar: Visual literacy, digital literacy, 21st century literacy, media literacy, whatever you call it, we know that for students to be literate in today’s world, they need a variety of skills that equate to much more than reading and writing.   In fact, even reading and writing skills look different.  As a leader, your role is integr…

Opportunity - Read Around the Planet

Read Around the Planet 2015: A Project Matching Event TWICE invites you to participate in a collaborative reading event using videoconference technology in celebration of with Read Across America!

WHAT: a CAPspace Matching Event - you sign up and we provide you a partner class.
REGISTRATION: December 1st to January 16, 2015!
RAP DATES: February 23 - Wednesday, March 6, 2015
**Please check your calendars for vacation, conference days, testing, etc. BEFORE registering to know which days work for your class.**

Classes share skits, raps, original poetry/writing, songs, game shows, and more.  Classes can participate in English, or a variety of other languages, or special education.

CHECK OUT: RAP website:
-  Flyer
-  Verification and Registration dates
-  Teacher and Coordinator Packets
-  Additional Information

Collaborations vs. Projects There are two kinds of connections between classes in CAPspace:
    1. Collaborations:
        Teacher created
        Post under Pr…

PD - MI Moodle Mott January 8 & 9

Registration is open for the MI Moodle Moot 2015, hosted at Mid Michigan Community College in Mount Pleasant on Thursday, January 8 (preconference workshops) and Friday, January 9 (Moot).  Sessions are available for Moodle users of all levels - those new to teaching online and blending instruction with Moodle, veteran Moodle using instructors, and Moodle administrators.  Registration is $40 per day. On-site registration will be an additional $10.  SCECHs are available for additional cost.  Go to for more information. 

Follow MI Moodle Moot 2015 on Twitter @ #mimoodlemoot !

Registration can be found here
HighlightsSessions for both K-12 and higher education8 different half day hands-on preconference workshops including workshops for new Moodle users, experienced Moodle users and Moodle administrators28 different hour long breakout sessions at the Moot, with many sessions providing time for hands-on practice; bring a laptop or ChromebookTwo hands-on help …

Google Drive - Refine Your Searches

Do you ever go to search through your Google Drive, and get frustrated because it returns too much?  Do you know the type of file you need, yet using search terms returns a bunch of other file types so you can't find the one you want?

If you experience these frustrations, you probably need to learn how to refine your Google Drive searches.  This feature used to be located in the More area of your Drive - but no more!  It has moved!!

Now, to refine your search click on the arrow found in the search bar

You will then get a window of advanced search options

These options will let you view by file type - when you know the type of file it is, visibility - when you know the level it is shared to, ownership - when you know if you created it or someone else did, opened by me - if you know you opened it, and created with... - if you know how it was created.

You can even use these in combination with each other -

Or in combination with key words -

A useful skill to know as your Google Dri…

Apple - Dividing PDFs on a Mac

Yesterday morning I had to take an approximately 100 page PDF document and divide it into 56 individual documents.  I had a way to do this previously, but it involved selecting the to print and saving as PDF - more steps than I wanted to do for as many as I was dividing into this morning.  So, in the search and trial to changing my process to being more efficient, I discovered a neat trick with Apple's Preview.

Make sure your Sidebar tray is showing thumbnails (here's the icon to turn it on if it is not):

Select (highlight) your selection in the Sidebar tray (tricks for multiple pages - 1. if they are consecutive you can click the first, hold down shift & click the last to select the range; 2. if they are NOT consecutive you can hold the command key while selecting the pages you want)

Copy (here's the menu selection, you can also command+C)

You will note in the File Menu that the choice for New has changed to New From Clipboard - select that to create a new document …

Opportunity - Discovery Education & Intel Launch Cybersafety Certification Program

From Discovery Education:   We are pleased to announce Discovery Education’s cyber safety certification program, the Intel® Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link.
Intel Security and Discovery Education have partnered to present a series of free, interactive tools that educators, students, and parents can use to gain critical information on cyber safety, cybersecurity and cyber ethics. Each self-paced, interactive student module is about 10-15 minutes long and concludes with a certificate of completion, endorsed by Intel Security, Discovery Education and the National Cyber Security Alliance.  The accompanying educator guides prompt in-class activities to extend learning beyond the online interaction. To facilitate parental engagement, the program also provides parent-facing modules that give caretakers tips on how to promote positive online behavior in the home.
PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Intel Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link is a three-year initiative de…