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Google Mail Security Features

As you get ready for the new school year and begin using your school email more, you may notice some new-to-you message appearing.  These are designed to help you ensure that you are sending information to the correct emails - preventing you from sending sensitive information to the wrong person OR the wrong email address!

The first is a "did you mean...?" warning.  Often you may have multiple emails for the same person -
This seems to pop up when you are sending to multiple people, and one of the people you are sending to has multiple emails at different domain extensions - and the one you are not using matches the other person/people you are sending to.  Above, I selected Dan's .com email but John's .org email.  Since I have another email for Dan that is .org, it prompted the Did you mean question. 

The second is a warning when you are sending to someone outside your domain that is not in your contacts -
Again, a great way to prevent sending sensitive information…

Google App Launcher Is Getting an Update!

Heads up! The Google App Launcher, also known around here as the "waffle" (here's where I chuckle), is going to see an update next week on August 1!

According to the G Suite Update Alerts, it will change from this:

to this:

If you have already customized yours, the change will NOT go into effect. 

(Many of you Google users don't know that you can re-arrange the icons in the launcher to a layout you prefer-you can still do this if you want a different order than the default.)

Calhoun's 2017 Inclusive Learning Conference

Registration is open for the 2017 CISD Inclusive Learning Conference - 
What's best for Kids? What's next for me?  When: August 10 & 11
: Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center
  Online/Pre-pay Registration - $40; At-the-door - $45

For more information, please go here.
To see the conference schedule and session descriptions, please refer to the tabs on this spreadsheet. There is something for everybody at this conference!

#miGoogleFEST This August in Grand Rapids

If you haven't been to a GoogleFEST, here's your opportunity!  This is a great way to get professional and personalized learning from Google Experts, CDW Staff, Google Certified Instructors and Google using teachers.  You can check out the schedule of sessions on the website.   
From the MACUL Office -  Don't miss this Aug 8 & 9! Hotel discount available thru July 15. Register & book now