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Five Friday Finds

It's no April Fool's Joke that finding good web resources can be the hardest part of the job for an educator.  With all the demands on a teacher's time, who has time to spend searching?  If this is you, here are some resources you may found useful.  Please feel free toshare with others!

We Are Teachers
“[A] powerful online community for teachers, combining the expertise of our member community, the resources and knowledge base of our partners and the momentum of social media to recognize and reward innovative teaching ideas.” Lots of shared teaching ideas, grant opportunities, and connections!

Decoding Writing with The 39 Clues
Help students learn about & identify the Traits of Writing. Presented by Scholastic, this is a live webinar on April 5 featuring Ruth Culham and four of the authors that participated in created The 39 Clues series (the recording will be availabl…