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Google Sheets - See a Cell's History

You can now see the edit history for a single cell in Google Sheets!  There are several times I have needed to know how one cell was edited, and had to go through the entire workbook editing history to try and track it down.  This is a handy feature addition!

To see a cell's history, right click on the cell, and select "Show edit history"  (it may even have a green box saying New next to it like mine...) -
A window will pop up - it will show the latest change made to the cell - you can use the arrows to move through all edits made on the cell -
Notice that the entries are timestamped, and tell who made the edit, in case you need that level of detail -

Google Classroom - Organizing & Archiving Your Courses

What if you need to change the name of a course?  or what can you do with your courses from last year? Can you put your courses in a different order when looking at them?  Can you copy a course that you have all set up how you like? It can be important to know the answers to questions such as these.  Below, we will walk through the "More menu" for a course, which is how to organizing, edit, copy and archive your courses.

You can access the More Menu by clicking the upper right corner of a course (it is 3 stacked dots) -

This gives you several options for the course -  1st - Move - 

Selecting Move brings up a window that lets you choose where to move the course in relation to your other courses.  Easily move it to the beginning (1) or the end (3) of your list -

Another way to move courses is by drag & dropping -
 2nd - Edit
 Selecting Edit will bring up the same window as when you created the course so you can change the course information -
 3rd - Copy
 When you copy, a…

Google Classroom - Teacher vs Student Icons

When looking at your classroom list, you may have courses where you have different roles - some you are the "teacher" and some you are the "student."  There are a few subtle difference between the 2 roles, and it helps to know what they are.

ItemTeacherStudent1. Header Info# of studentsStudent Name2. PicturenoneGoogle Account picture3. bottom left iconClassroom GradebookWork for course4. bottom right iconGoogle Drive folder for courseGoogle Drive folder for course

Google Classroom - Create a New Classroom & Set the Theme

With a new school year upon us, several teachers are looking to use Google Classroom to help, among other things, with the permissions and sharing of Google Drive files.  With some new features, Classroom just continues to be a valuable tool that help with efficiency in document management (my opinion).

For those of you new to Classroom, here is how you get started.  And, a note, these steps might take you 2 minutes max - and that is if you take a LONG time to select your theme ;-)

To create a new Classroom and set the theme -

1. Go to Classroom by either typing into a browser URL address bar  OR go to the waffle and click the classroom icon

2. Click on the + in the upper right corner

3. In the pop-up window, click on Create class

4.  A window will appear to give your class information - you are REQUIRED to give it a name (surprise), but the other fields are optional.  Once down, click on CREATE in the bottom right

5. To select a theme (if you don't want the …

UPDATE Google Admin - Whitelisting Domains

There are two situations that I have run across where a G Suite for Education School would need to whitelist a domain (or subdomain).  These are:
If your students and teachers are on two different domainsIf you are in a situation like me - as a support organization I want to provide training to teachers that are in their own Google Apps district It is quite easy to do this - it just has to be done by a Google Apps for Education Administrator. There are THREE parts to this, make sure all of them are set for it to work properly!
Part 1 - add the domains In the Google Admin Dashboard, click on Domain (if it doesn't show, click on the More at the bottom)

Once in the Domain management area, click on Whitelisted domains-

Click on Add new -

1. Type in the domain to whitelist, then
2. Click on Add Domain to Whitelist -

Part II - Set Classsroom Settings Go back to the Home level of the Google Admin panel - click on the Apps icon:
Click on the G Suite Core Service apps:
Click on Classroom: