Google Apps - Inserting a Calendar Invitation Via Email

Did you know you can insert a Calendar Invitation right in an email?  When you are composing a message, if you mouse over the bottom of the compose window you get additional icons:

The little calendar icon (called Insert Invitation) not far from the trash icon is what you choose to add an event that goes on your calendar and can be easily added to the recipient(s) of your email.   

When you click on this, a new window comes up:

You can enter all the information for your event right here.  Additionally, if some of the people you are inviting have shared their calendars with you it will list their name & show their available time along with yours under the who.  Just note that if they have not shared their calendar, you will not be able to view their busy/free time.

Once you have completed inputting the information and click on Insert Invitation, it will place it in the body of the email inside a dotted box:


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