MeL Teachers has Launched

From Christine Schneider, MeL K-12 Education Specialist

"Just in time for the 2016-17 school year, MeL Teachers (, a completely revamped and resource-driven teacher portal, was launched in mid-August.  It is focused on providing assistance to teachers, media specialists, administrators, and anyone involved in K-12 with help navigating MeL and integrating the resources into Michigan classrooms.

MeL Teachers offers eight targeted centers that improve site navigation, making no-cost databases and other content more readily accessible. Here is a quick overview of each center:
  • Elementary Resources is especially for PreK-5th grade and focuses on MeL Kids, There are handouts, slide decks and videos that can be used in the classroom to introduce students to MeL resources and supplemental classroom materials.
  • Secondary Resources is designed for grades 6 through the first two years of college and focuses on MeL Teens, There are handouts, slide decks, videos and even supplemental material like graphic organizers and more.
  • Staff Resources is for administrators, media specialists, teacher coaches and any teachers who want to present MeL resources at their schools.    
  • MeL K-12 Spotlight recognizes the great work teachers, media specialists, schools, and districts do on integrating MeL resources into classrooms. 
  • Michigan Educator Links provides access to state education-related associations. 
  • Tips & Tricks provides MeL shortcuts or hidden features that can benefit teachers and students.
  • Test Preparation shows how MeL resources can help prepare students for standardized tests starting in the 4th grade.
  • Technology Resources have the latest MeL resources, MeL Apps, linking directly to geo-authenticated resources, special webinars, and trainings. Make sure you check out the Apps section in this center - MeL has just released several new Chrome Apps! 

Do you have any ideas, videos, or classroom material related to MeL/K-12 that you think would be beneficial to other Michigan educators?  We want to add these to MeL Teachers. You may email your ideas, questions, or professional development requests to me at"

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