iPads in Education - App Suggestion Coach's Eye

(Currently $4.99)

Basics: Coach's Eye is an app to use for recording video... but it takes your video way beyond simple playback.  What makes this app exceptional are what you can do to the video AFTER the recording.  You can:
  • use a flywheel to inspect the video frame-by-frame
  • add annotations in specific locations of the video
  • add voice over
  • share the video with others, either via YouTube or TechSmith's server space

Educational Use: This app was developed for coaches - as in athletic coaches - to use with their athletes. However, the number of uses for educators is very large.  Just think of the material you can provide for students that are absent or need to see something multiple times.  OR think of the power of it in student's hands, where they can self-assess their own or each others work.  I see applications in all curriculum areas.  Here are my brainstorms on ways Coach's Eye could be used to record/annotate:
  • by/with/for students:
    • demonstrations - by students or teachers
    • science experiments - chemical and physical changes can be reviewed in slow motion
    • field trips - both within the school and outside the school;
    • presentations - to use for self & peer editing
    • guest speakers - for absent students
    • how-to (or how-not-to-do) videos
    • white board problems/examples
  • by/with/for teachers:
    • peer coaching
    • methodology sharing/examples
    • question techniques

Drawbacks in Education: Currently, I think the biggest drawback is that it is formatted for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  It does work well on the iPad, but it could be so much nicer if it utilized that big display properly.  (I was told by a TechSmith employee that Coach's Eye for iPad and Android are both in the works...) The biggest drawback for others may be the price. 

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