Moodle 2 for Admins - Create a Custom Site Menu

One of the easiest ways to get common links onto your site (and force them on every page) is creating a custom site menu.  Prior to Moodle 2, this meant either creating or customizing a Moodle theme with activity that required a steep learning curve unless you had prior experience working with HTML and CSS.  With Moodle 2, an area has been added where any site administrator can create a custom menu for the site simply using the web browser - no HTML or CSS knowledge required. 

Here's the video (if you prefer written instructions, they are below):

To create a custom menu for your site, login as the Moodle Administrator.  In the Site Administration area, click on Appearance link, then Themes, then Theme Settings.  Look about 3/4 of the way down the page - you will see a paragraph entry box on the page.

Create your menu!

Some items of note:
  • for each item in your menu:
    • the only required piece is the text that appears in the menu
    • the first optional piece is the URL that the text links to
    • the second optional piece is a "tooltip title" that will pop-up when the user mouses over the text
  • use a pipe character to separate the text, URL and tooltip title (this is typically Shift + \ )
  • hyphens create structure (sub-menus and sub-sub-menus) so you can add items without crowding the top of your site
  • each menu item should be on its own line (have a line break between each)
Moodle away!

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