Teach Me: Kindergarten App Review for IEAR

Grade Level: Elementary (including Pre-K)

Purpose: A

Program Functionality: B+

Overall Educational Value: A

Cost: $0.99 (Site says special sale price)

Overview:  TeachMe: Kindergarten is a "game" type learning app with four subjects: sight words, addition, subtraction and spelling.  It uses the Dolch sight words.  Addition is up to a total of 10, and subtraction is from 10 down.  Spelling involves completing the word by providing the first letter.  Each of the four subjects can be turned on/off, and the sub-topics under each subject can be marked as "learned," "unlearned," or even "disabled."   It allows for personalization for up to four "players."  Each player's settings can be adjusted individually, to allow for different learning levels on the same device.

The app uses a reward system where the user earns "coins" for a set number of correct answers (this can also be set in the user settings).  The user can then use the coins to buy rewards in the form of "stickers" that can be placed on a sticker scene.  These scenes can then be used as wallpaper or emailed to friends and family.

The app tracks the performance of the user for each subject item.  It also has them self-correct immediately if they answer incorrectly, but does not count this as being a correct answer for the rewards.

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this app for Kindergarten children, ages 4-6 depending on the readiness of the child.  The variety of activities lets normally developing children intersperse strengths with their weaknesses.  The user interface appears to be very intuitive to children; our test students needed little to no guidance in using it.  They loved the reward system. 

Other: The only struggle we had with the program was in using it in stations in the classroom.  They struggled with how to get back to the main screen to change to their user name if previous user had simply turned it off with the app still running.  Other than that one small issue, it was a great addition to our classroom set!

Developer Website: http://www.24x7digital.com/content/view/189/96/
iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teachme-kindergarten/id336689375?mt=8

Reviewer Name: Melinda Waffle

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