iPads in the Classroom - It's More Than Just Apps!

While I am the first to admit that I love apps and what they do, it is amazing to me that we so easily overlook all the other "stuff" we can load onto an iPad or iPod Touch to make it an even more potent learning device!

Here is a short run-down of ALL the content (including apps) that can be added and made available to your students (or to you personally!):
(Please note:  these are how we add it as members of an academic institution using iTunes accounts with None selected for the payment option.)
  • Apps: apps can be added using a variety of methods
    • find free apps in the iTunes Store & download
    • OR redeem an app code received from a Volume Purchase Program Facilitator
    • OR gift an app to the account from another iTunes account
  • Music: any music from the iTunes library can be selected for upload to an iPad, including teacher or student created audio files, and audio books; you can add individual songs, albums, playlists, genres or artists, giving you the flexibility to put just what you want on there.
    • import audio files you created or own from CD into iTunes Music Library
    • OR add copyright free audio files downloaded to your computer to iTunes Music Library
    • OR download audio files from iTunes Store
  • Movies: movies, including screencasts, can be added to the devices
    • import files you created or own from CD into the iTunes Movie Library
    • OR add copyright free movie files downloaded to your computer to iTunes Movie Library
  • Podcasts: podcasts work best (the way they are supposed to :-)  ) when subscribed to within the iTunes store
  • iTunes U: again, material from iTunes U works best (the way it is supposed to :-)  ) when subscribed to or downloaded within the iTunes store; material in iTunes U is free, and more is added every day so check it out periodically.
  • Photos: photos, including graphics, screenshots or illustrations, can be used by students on their device; it is best if items are stored in a common picture folder (or in iPhoto if you use a Mac) so you don't have to continually cahnge where iTunes looks for the material
    • scan items you created or own onto your computer, and add to picture folder
    • OR download copyright free items from the Internet
    • OR import pictures from your camera or SD card
  • Books: there are multiple ways to get eBooks on your device; while ePub is the format Apple uses, you can also add pdf files including documents/handouts you create for your classroom.
    • download copyright free pdf or ePub books/files and add them to your iTunes Book Library
    • OR create your own material, save it as pdf and add it to your iTunes Book Library
Do you have any other method for adding material without purchasing it?  Please share!


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