Good Eats at #MACUL13 in Detroit

Often when I go to a conference, I'm locked in to where (and even what) I'm eating as it's dictated by the groups I'm a part of or duties I'm trying to complete.  However, this year I had to opportunity to be the organizer of several of our meals - so planned meals at some unique eateries.  I have to say, all of the places we went to were delicious!!

Here are the three place that were brand new to me:

  • Small Plates: described to me as a "tapas" type place, 16 of us descended on Small Plates to check it out.  We had two tables, allowing us to eat there in two different ways (below).  The service was great, food was fantastic, and prices really reasonable! (If you are looking for a truly decadent dessert, I highly recommend the Bumpy Cake...)
    • Table 1: as a group we ordered a bunch of menu items and shared among the table; I believe we tried 10 different menu items, and yes all of the plates were completely clean!!
    • Table 2: (our "high needs" table - those with special dietary consideration) ordered individually, with their dietary needs all being attended to by the server and cook; again, nothing but raves about their meals
  • Detroit Beer Co: satisfied the need of some of our group to head to a place for bar food.  A smaller group, but again we experienced great service and great food.  Ironically, Small Plates and Detroit Beer Co are side-by-side in the same building :-)  Our wait staff was both good at recommending food and beers - which is all local brew.  And I can say - the chicken quesadillas are probably the best I've ever had.
  • Blue Star Cafe: our lunch fair was in a very small unusual place called Blue Star Cafe.  The setup is a cafeteria style service, with the offerings changing daily.  There were 6 hot entrees that came with a couple sides, or a couple cold sandwiches or salads that came with chips.  We had a couple of large groups go through, and I was AMAZED at the speed with which they got us through the line.  Those I talked to had good to great food.  No matter what you get, make sure to get the corn bread - it's moist and on the sweeter side...very yummy!!

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