Google Apps - Moving Multiple Email Attachments into Google Drive

Today was one of those days that I was grumbling about the amount of time a task was going to take, and then discovered Google had added a button to make it faster and easier!

I received an email with multiple attachments in it that I needed loaded into my Google Docs so they were shared with the appropriate people.  As I was working through individually adding each to my Docs, I happened to notice a couple of icons in the upper corner:

You guessed it!  These icons will let you either 
  • download all the attachments to your computer OR 
  • add & move all the attachments into your Google Docs
in one single transaction.  When you click on the right one to add it to your Google Docs, you get the organizational window where you can click through folders and subfolders to put them where you want them to be:

You can even create a new folder on the fly if needed.

Great little icons to save lots of time if you are dealing with multiple attachments in an email!

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