Google Mail - Create Calendar Event that Includes Email Message

There are many time I get an email that I want to make into an event on my calendar - both to make sure I block out the time, and to move the information out of an email in my inbox into the event. 

There is a feature called "Create event" that let's you do this - it is available in the More options when you are viewing the message. 

Once you select create event, Google opens up a new window, loads your calendar, and creates an event with the message subject as the name of the event, and the body of the message as the description within the event:
You are then able to edit the date/time as needed to finish creating the event. 

One adds everyone that was part of the message to the Guest list (see above in red box), so unless you want it to be a group event you will need to click the x next to everyone's name but yours.

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