Google Administration - Whitelisting Domains for Google Classroom

There are two situations that I have run across where a Google Apps for Education School would need to whitelist a domain (or subdomain) to prevent a user from having multiple accounts to keep track of.  These are:
  1. If your students and teachers are on two different domains
  2. If you are in a situation like me - as a support organization I want to provide training to teachers that are in their own Google Apps district
It is quite easy to do this - it just has to be done by a Google Apps for Education Administrator. There are THREE parts to this, make sure all of them are set for it to work properly!

Part 1 - add the domains

In the Google Admin Dashboard, click on Domain (if it doesn't show, click on the More at the bottom)

Once in the Domain management area, click on Whitelisted external domains-

Type in the name of the domain to whitelist (this would be the domain, subdomain or alias the people you want to join are members of) -

Click on Add-

Click on Save-

Part II - Set Classsroom Settings

Go back to the main Dashboard - click on the Apps icon:
Inline image 6

Click on the Google Apps:
Inline image 7

Click on Classroom:
Inline image 8

Click on the Whitelisted Domains:
Inline image 9

Check both checkboxes so our Classrooms can talk to each other:
Inline image 10

Part III: Double-check your Drive Settings

Since Classroom utilizes Drive, you need to make sure that the domain connecting with Classroom doesn't have the strictest permissions - in fact, a new option for whitelisted domains has been added as an option to choose.  To check this, click in the breadcrumb at the top to return to Google Apps.
Then, click on Drive:
 Click on Sharing settings:

Check to make sure the two boxes under the Whitelist settings are checked.  If they are not, your sharing may be off (top choice) and you will MINIMALLY need to change it to whitelisted domains.  (If you have sharing set to ON the whitelisted domains are automatically ok) -

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