Google - Getting New Features As They Appear

I've been asked a couple time how to get the new features as soon as Google releases them when part of a Google Apps for Education account.  First, know that only Super Administrators in the GAFE account are able to set this.  Second, I encourage you to consider strongly the pro & cons to turning this on if you have kids on your GAFE account.

That being said, I do enjoy being able to try out new features as they appear so get why others don't like to wait :-)

Here is how to turn on automatic Rapid Release of new features:

Once logged in to the Admin Dashboard, click on Company Profile

Then click on Profile:

Look about 2/3rds of the way down the options for the New User Features and New Products options. 
  • Rapid release enables new features as they are available. 
  • Scheduled release is on a delayed schedule.
  • Automatic provides new services to users as they are released
  • Manual requires site Admin to add new services

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