Google Calendar - Create a Secondary Calendar

Once people start using Google Calendar, they tend to find that they have "subsets" of events that they are changing settings for.  Some examples:
  • Changing the color of all the items that are part of a certain project.  
  • Constantly changing notifications for items that are tasks to be done.  
  • If part of a GAFE using district, changing the privacy settings on events that colleagues don't need details to.
  • Inviting the same colleagues to lots of events as you are collaborating on something (which can also annoy them if they get an email invite for each one...)
Instead of make constant consistent changes, you should instead create a secondary calendar.  This allows you to set default calendar settings to all events that are added to that calendar that are DIFFERENT from your main calendar.  Here's how to do it -

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of My Calendars and choose Create new calendar
  2. Enter a name for your calendar. (I chose Room Bookings for mine.) Then click on Create
  3. The calendar will display (in alphabetical order) in your list of calendars
After creating this calendar, you will be able to assign events  to this calendar instead of your primary calendar.

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