Google Calendar - Setting Calendar Default Notifications

Instead of having to turn on, change or turn off notifications on each of your events, you can set your own default notification system to receive either pop-ups or emails at designated times for events on a particular calendar.  (Or opt not to receive any at all!)

  1. Click on the arrow to the right of the calendar, and select Edit notifications
  2. The notifications settings give you several options.  The first one is for normal events that have set times.  The second is for events marked “all day.” For each of these you can add the type of notification you want by clicking Add a notification
  3. Once you add a notification, you can decide the type(s) of notifications you would like - email or the pop-ups - and set the time prior to event to receive it
  4. You can also add more than one notification if desired
Below this, there are several items related to events you are invited to.  What most people find more useful is the Daily agenda option buried at the bottom.  Turning this on will send you an email each morning at 5am with that days events (Remember - this is only for events on the calendar that you are enabling these notifications on, not all your events!)

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