Introduction to the NEW Template Gallery in Google Docs, Spreadsheets & Slides

Finally!  We have access to the new template gallery in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

From any Google account you are able to access it - but it may not be as intuitive to get to as the "old" template gallery was.  You need to go to the landing page for that TYPE of document, which I find many people still don't know about.  So, go to:
  • for your Documents
  • for your Sheets
  • for your Slides
  • for your Forms
The first time you go to these, you will get a message about the Template Gallery:

After that, you will both see a top bar with existing templates AND a link in the upper right that says Template Gallery.

Now if you belong to a Google Apps for Education organization, and templates are enabled, you have a couple additional options not available with a general Google account.

1. You will have a choice of General templates or your organization's templates

2. You will also see a choice of Submit Template to submit one to the gallery

If you want to submit a template, you will get this screen:

1. Go to select the item you wish to add to the template gallery - this will change to the item name after you select it.  

2. Choose if you want your original item to be in the gallery (it will change as you change it - so run the risk of sharing information that you do not want there!), or to submit a copy of the file (you would need to update it separately from your personal document).

3. Choose the category that best fits the item

4. Submit

Once you have submitted your template (and it has been approved if your organization requires approval), you will notice your submitted templates have 3 dots in the lower right corner of them - 
These give you the "More options" menu -

1. If you made a copy of your item, clicking Edit here will edit the file that is in the template gallery (and not in your Drive space)
2. Currently Update info consists of changing the Category the item is tied to

3. Removes the item from the gallery

That's your introductory overview!  I'm looking forward to discussing within our organization how we can utilize templates to both standardize documents and save time.


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