Getting File Uploads in Your Google Form

You may have noticed a new option available in the question options list when creating a Google Form - it is the ability to have participants submit files!

If you haven't seen it (or want a rundown of how it works) - keep's a pretty cool feature!

First- you will find it as a question type listed between "dropdown" and "linear scale"-
 It creates a question that looks like this:

There are several options you have for the setup.  First - the maximum number of files that can be uploaded:

Second - the size of the files:

Third - the different types of files allowed:
 If you click on this option, you can uncheck the "Allow all files" to select only the file types you want:
 You just have to select at minimum 1 type, then hit Apply:

This is what the end user sees when filling out the form:
Once they click Add File and select the file(s) to add, it will list them for review (and removal if necessary with the "x" to the right):

For the form creator, it will list the files uploaded in the response summary (or with the individual submissions).  You can not only see what they uploaded, it also adds a link to a folder in your Google Drive where all the submissions may be found:

Note that this new folder is at the TOP level of your "My Drive" - so if you are like me and try to minimize the number of top level folders, you will want to move it :-)

It also makes you the owner of the submission (it has copied it for the person submitting - they still have their "original."),  and it is not shared:

A down side to some of you looking forward to using this - it only works within your domain.  So you cannot use this with parents or others outside your organization:

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