Google Takeout - Transfer Files

You may have students that are graduating this spring and want to move files/emails from their school Google accounts to a personal Google account.  Is this possible?  Yes, it is!  Google has made this much easier over the years.

Note:  when you do this it actually COPIES the files into your personal account - three things about this:
  • all sharing is broken in these new copies that are made
  • original documents are still shared with same people as before (if shared)
  • ownership of original documents stays with organization; ownership of copies are with your personal account
If you want a video, check out this one by Just Cowen of Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District in Kingsford, MI (that would be way up in the UP :-)

Or, here are a few directions with screenshots:

1. Log into the Google account that has the files you want to transfer, then go to

2. For step 1, enter the personal Google account you are moving the files to, then click "Send Code":
3. Log into your personal Google account (the one you entered above) and click on "Get Confirmation Code" in the email that was sent - I found this easiest to do in another browser so you don't have to continually log in and out of the accounts:
4. You will get a confirmation code in a new window.  Copy it. 
5.  Enter the code into the original transfer window (where you typed in your personal account), then click on "Verify".  This is step 2 in the process on that screen:
6. Check to make sure you are migrating the correct way, then select if you are transferring Drive and/or Email; when done, click on "Start Transfer":

 7. A message will appear telling you the transfer has begun:
8. You will also get an email when the transfer starts:
and again when it is complete:

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