Google Sign-in - New & Updated

You may notice a new look and feel to your Google login!  As this update "goes live" this is what you should expect -

The first time, you will get a message box telling you that you should expect the new look:
While you may not have feelings one way or another about how it looks, if you are on a device that has many people logging in with their Google, you should appreciate the fact that you can now REMOVE accounts from the list.

Look at the bottom for a "Remove an account" option:
Clicking on that will put an x next to each account:

Clicking on the x will pop-up a confirmation window that you want to remove that account from the list:
Note- this does NOT delete the account, it just removes it from the list for quickly logging in the sign-in window.  It can always be added back to the list when you sign in with it again in the future.

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