Google Drive - Search a Folder

Last Friday I checked for this new feature and I didn't have it as an option yet. Wouldn't you know I come in on Monday it is available!

Finally, you can search within a folder of Drive (rather than your entire Drive)!  It is available multiple ways, including in the advanced search options. 

Using the built-in menus

In case you don't remember, here is the "old" menu options:
old menu when right-clicking

Here is the "new" with the added Folder Search when right-clicking on the folder:
Searching folder when right-clicking on folder

Using the "More" Menu

It is also available by selecting the folder and clicking on the "More" menu options (stacked dots):
searching folder from More menu

When you use it, an additional line is added under the search bar:
additional line when searching a folder

Using the Advanced Search options

The prior options for location looked like this:
old advanced search options

There is now an addition of  a button that says Anywhere:
new advanced search options

When clicking on it, you can select the location you want to search:
select location to search folder


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