Google Sites - Duplicate a Site

You now have the ability to duplicate a Google Site!  Most exciting part of this for schools, this means you can create building or district page templates which can then be duplicated by others (or duplicated by you and the copy shared with others) to keep a consistent theme over multiple sites in your domain. 

The addition of Duplicate site is now available in the More menu -

When you select to Duplicate a site, you will get a window that:

  1. lets you rename it, 
  2. save it in a different folder than the original site
  3. allows you to copy the share settings (or not) 

After clicking OK - it will give a message of Copying... on the window.  Depending on the size of the site you are duplicating, this may be there several minutes -

When the duplicate site is created, a message appears at the bottom of the current site asking if you want to open the copy.  (I note this as you DO NOT want to make changes on the site that is visible as that is your original site.)

That's it!


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