MeL Minute: Where Did the Teen Portal Go?

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Supporting Michigan Libraries - November 1, 2018

Where Did the Teen Portal Go?

MeL team: Kathy Kosinski, Sonya Norris and Liz Breed
With 23 eResources just for Teens, there is a wealth of content available for research, homework help and more! Accessing these eResources is made simpler by using the Subject search on the eResources page. Visit and click on eResources in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Once you are there, click on the "All Subjects" drop down menu and scroll down until you see "Teens (23)". Scroll down to see the full list.
Using the "All Subjects" search tool is the best way to find groups of related eResources and is similar to the portals that used to be part of MeL. This is part of our efforts to respond to the way that people were actually using the Teen portal according to Google Analytics statistics. Over half of visitors to the Teen portal homepage left almost immediately for the eResources page. Of those that stayed, most went to Homework Help. Once on the Homework Help pages, just under half of visitors still didn't find what they were looking for and went next to eResources for the complete list. We've tried to short-circuit this unproductive loop by providing direct and complete access for teens and teachers on the eResources page, the ultimate destination for most of the visitors to the previous Teen portal.
Certain eResources are tagged as "Best Bets" and other eResources are tagged as "Popular". A "Best Bet" eResource is one that is most likely to deliver the desired search results within a particular subject search and these will appear at the very top of any search. A "Popular" eResource is one that is heavily used. Explora for High Schools, NoveList Plus and Opposing Viewpoints in Context are the "Best Bets" in the Teen subject area.
In addition to the "Best Bets" there are twenty other eResources that will appear in the Teen subject search.
  • Biography Reference Center
  • Britannica School
  • Britannica School: High
  • Britannica School: Middle
  • College Admissions Test Preparation from LearningExpress Library
  • College Students from LearningExpress Library
  • eBook High School Collection (over 9,800 full text titles)
  • Explora for Middle School
  • High School Equivalency Center from LearningExpress Library
  • History Reference Center
  • Literacy Reference Center
  • MAS Complete (popular high school magazines and reference books)
  • Poetry and Short Story Reference Center
  • Points of View Reference Center
  • Political Science Complete
  • Read It!
  • School Center from LearningExpress Library
  • Science Reference Center
  • Vocational Studies Premier
Another feature included in the eResources area is the addition of links to Help resources. Where available, we have linked to training videos and websites as well as PDF documentation and FAQs. Almost all of the Teen eResources include Help links.
We hope you and your patrons enjoy using the new MeL eResources. Questions about how to navigate the eResources page or use any of the eResources can be emailed to


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