Moodle Monday - the Activities Block

This month we are going to look at some Moodle blocks you might find useful.  Today is about the Activities Block.

Once you begin adding more items to your Moodle, it begins to grow in length, and students (and you) might be getting frustrated at the amount of scrolling they are doing.  Or you might reference Moodle activities in a handout.  Or you might have students who think about the material in a different way.  The Activities Block might be useful for dealing with these type of situations. 

To add the Activities Block, Turn editing on and select Activities from the Add Block area:

A new side block will appear with the types of activities found on your Moodle Course:

Clicking on one of the activities will result in a list of all the activities of that type on the course. (Here is a partial list of links on my sample site):

You will notice that the Topic in which the item resides is displayed with the name; the summary will also be displayed if you write summaries for your activities.

Users of your course (including you) can now shortcut to the activity by going to the Activity Type, then finding the specific activity wanted from that list. 

Have fun Moodling!

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