Five Friday Finds

Finding good web resources can be the hardest part of the job for an educator.  With all the demands on a teacher's time, who has time to spend searching?  If this is you, here are some resources you may found useful.  Please feel free to share with others!

Speaking Image
Upload an image, make it interactive and then share it with others.

10 Sites for Reading Children’s Stories Online
From the site, 10 sites students can access, listen to, read and watch children’s stories.

"[A] professional development effort designed to support teachers in becoming better mathematics educators. It focuses on building teachers' mathematical content knowledge through mathematical investigations that are supported by technology. InterMath includes a workshop component and materials to support instructors."

Molecular Workbench Software
“Molecular Workbench…delivers an interactive learning environment that allows students to explore science in great depth with the materials created by its modeling and authoring parts. MW covers a wide range of topics, such as gas laws, fluid mechanics, properties of materials, states of matter, phase change, heat transfer, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, structure-function relationships, the genetic code, protein synthesis, light-matter interactions, electron-matter interactions, and quantum phenomena.”

Social Studies-
Middle East protests: Country by country
BBC site that shows Middle Eastern countries experiencing unrest.  The map is clickable, allowing the user to select a country to get a synopsis of what is occurring in that country.  It then has links to news stories related to that countries happenings.

Have a great weekend!

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