Classroom Gadget Showdown by Leslie Fisher & Hall Davidson #Macul11

Leslie Fisher handouts
Hall Davidson handouts

(Hall) FREE Webcam and/or Document camera:  use old broken camcorder that video feed still works; you don't need to worry about tapes, etc as only using video feed.

(Lesie) Sony NEX: compact camera with interchangeable lenses, with tilt screen; also does video, and photo stitching on the the fly to create panoramic (10 frames per second).
Pogoplug: hooks in WiFi or Ethernet, choose devices (camera, etc) that backup media to Pogoplug then can set share settings for content, which is sorted into folders. $99

(Hall) Google Placemarks for Field Trip: how-to is in handout; use Jing to screencast students talking about locations along way, and add to placemarks to create trip.
Google LitTrips: precreated "trip" using Google Earth using placemarks to add details, resources, etc. 

(Leslie) Google Shared Spaces: create a shared space in your Google account

(Hall) Wordle/Chromakey: (Mac) put Wordle in background of Photobooth and record students explaining (can get green shower curtain if needed);  (PC) use to upload Wordle and chromokey video

(Leslie) Rockmelt: web 2.0 based web browser; network while browsing, also recommends RSS feeds for frequently visited sites create websites easily; even autoformats to theme selection if you paste text in.

(Hall) Google Body: let's you view inside the human body
BT-1 Wireless Bluetooth camera: small square camera used by TSA ($149)

(Leslie) NeatScanner: powered through USB port, scans receipts, business cards, etc; scans for text recognition and can group by folders in software, then can create reports ($199-399)

(Hall) creative commons available music for use; much can be downloaded and used in student/school projects
Microsoft Education: How-to Articles, lesson plans, resources for educators
Discovery Education.

(Leslie) Ion Audio devices: convert records, cassettes, VCR tapes into digital via USB through their deivices

(Hall) app: log into other computers from iPad using WiFi
Solar System app: model of solar system ($13)
InAWorld: build your own movie trailers

(Leslie) Textbooks coming to the iPad;
Newwrap app: hooks to RSS services
Instapaper: makes instant custom newpaper of RSS feeds
GoodReader: hook to all harddrives, and download all Office Suite files
SoundNote: record the note while you type; tap & it plays audio swivel case
Etchasketch case for iPad
iPad bluetooth microscope ($429) live video, capture video & stills

(Hall) Amazon buy microscope for $5 and glue onto cheap case for iPod Touch or iPhone; put over camera for instant camera
Camera AB app: phone to iPad (or PC)

(Leslie) Google Translate app (free): translates what you say into up to 20 spoken languages
WordLens app: translates words on fly through phone (such as signs)

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