Five Friday Finds

Finding good web resources can be the hardest part of the job for an educator.  With all the demands on a teacher's time, who has time to spend searching?  If this is you, here are some resources you may found useful.  Please feel free to share with others!


10 Video Websites That Are Like YouTube for Kids
“[T]en of the best online video websites that offer entertaining and educational videos that kids will love. If you are a parent looking for an alternative to television for your kids, or you're a teacher looking for appropriate content for the classroom, this list can help.”


50 Great Ways to Use Graphic Novels in the Classroom
Not being an ELA teacher, I don’t know how many people use graphic novels in the classroom.  However, many ideas on this list are applicable to other works of literature as well.


Survivor Algebra
The site is one teacher's approach to creatively teaching Algebra using different teaching  methods.  As a former math teacher, I found the information (and resources) quite intriguing.


How Earthquakes Trigger Tsunamis
A short BBC video that demonstrates in an easily understood way both the slipping of tectonic plates causing an earthquake and the resulting tsunami.

Social Studies-

A social studies scavenger hunt that uses Google Map.  As a teacher, you can create hunts that give students clues to find the correct placemarkers on the Earth.  Difficulty levels range from simply typing in the correct location to find it on the map (easiest) to clues that require research, magnification and view changes to find the location (hardest)

Have a great weekend!

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