Five Friday Finds

Goodness!  It’s Friday afternoon and I haven’t sent this out yet.  I guess many of you will not enjoy it until tomorrow…or Monday now.

Here are some resources you or your staff may find useful.  Please feel free to share with others!

Free photo collage maker; may not be useful, but it can be fun :-)

“Into the Book provides you with tools to help elementary students learn to use these strategies in reading, the arts, and across the curriculum.”

“[A] professional development program developed to support the effective teaching of mathematics in years K-6. The program melds findings from research about how children learn mathematics, with research on effective professional development.”

YouTube videos created by Dow Chemical on “Science of Baseball,” “Baking Soda Volcano,” and “The Chemistry of Blood”

Social Studies-
Explore your world with map themes, data, and tools for customizing your map

Have a great weekend (and week)!


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