Moodle 2: Manually Enrolling Participants

(specifically - adding a teacher to the new course you just created...)
Another quick YouTube video on how to enroll users in a course:

Quick comparison: The enrollment process has changed from 1.9 to 2.+, and it is a big improvement.  Once I adjusted, I find the enrolled users list much easier to use for managing users in a course. 
 Some of the improvements:
  • One list of users: no longer do you have to check each role area to see where someone is enrolled (this said from someone that has enrolled groups of people in wrong roles and had to spend times combing all roles to get them out...)
  • Assigning/Deleting role assignments: ability to in the enrollment list to add roles (use that big plus sign icon!) without leaving the current window is a huge plus; hitting the "x" to delete a role is intuitive.  (It also works if you are using groups!  How easy to see who is in what group and make adjustments...)
  • Set enrollment parameters: clicking on the edit icon under enrollment methods gives a quick way to change a users status (ie. suspend the account) and set beginning and/or end enrollment dates.

I believe the switch from the boxes with lists (which I never understood the moving people from the right to the left!) to a straight list with an Enroll button is much more intuitive to a new user. (See pictures)


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