iPads in Education - New Apple Account, No Credit Card Payment Selection

Do you want to use an Apple account without a credit card (only going to use fee apps or apps redeemed from the volume purchase program)?  You can either create a new account OR modify an existing account so that no credit card is listed as a form of automatic payment. This can be useful if it is in the hands of children (it is how we set up the account we use on our own kids' iPod Touches) as there is no fear of them "accidentally" purchasing apps and charging it back to a credit card. 

Set up a new Apple account not associated with a credit card:
  • On a device,go to the iTunes Store and find a free app (this is while the device does not have any account signed in)
  • Click on the free button next to the app
  • Click on Install App
  • Select Create New Apple ID
  • Select your Country, then accept the User Agreement
  • Fill out the information for the new account (name, password, birthday, etc)
  • The next screen will have Billing Information.  If you click on Visa (the default choice), you will get a list of choices.  The bottom one is None, select this
  • Continue to fill out the account information until finished. 
  • You will need to verify the account once created via a link in an email sent to you.


  1. Hello Melinda,
    Thanks for the info posted here. I have followed the steps and been able to set my sons ipod touch up with his apple id account and no credit card.
    Can you help me with this next problem? We bought an app on my itunes account, then tried to load it on his ipod touch with his ID. Now this particular app will not open on his device. What do I need to do?

  2. Tanja -
    The most likely cause of this is if you bought an iPad app that does not work on his iPod Touch. The app will not work on his device. Every app in the app store lists the devices that it will work on to the left side of the app information (below the icon).

    FYI -
    I have found the easiest method for doing this is through the gifting of apps, though I've given another second solution that will also work below.
    Gifting an App: If you are purchasing the app with another Apple (iTunes) account to put on his account, you will actually need to "Gift" the app to him. If you are in iTunes, when viewing the app information there is a down-arrow next to the listed price of the app. If you click on that arrow, the top choice is "Gift This App" which will allow you to purchase the app on your account, but gift it to your son's account. He will get an email (it will use the email tied to his Apple Account) with the link to click on when on his device logged into his Apple Account - clicking on the link will add the app to his account and automatically download it to his device.

    The second method is a little messier. You can log into your Apple Account on his device to add the app. There are a few problems that can arise from this:
    1. If you forget to logout of your account and back into his, he has a 15 minute window during which he has access to the App Store to purchase on your account to his hearts content.
    2. It will need your account password each time the app needs to be updated. While this method works great when a single person has to use 2 accounts (for instance, I have a personal account and a work account), it is not so convenient for your situation.


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