Opportunity: Be a Part of Ed Research!

The following is from Pynya Mishra of Michigan State University's School of Education.  His team created the T-Pack tech integration model.

From him -
We need your help in completing a relatively short research survey about 21st century skills. We (Punya Mishra, Rohit Mehta, and Danah Henriksen) have been gathering data to help us better understand what education professionals such as current/future educators, faculty, and education graduate students, think about 21st century skills. 

This short survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time to complete. It will provide essential information regarding the challenges faced by educators in the 21st century and the knowledge/skills needed to face these challenges. If you start, please do take the time to finish, as your responses are extremely valuable to us. The survey should not take more than 8-12 minutes. Your responses will be confidential and fully anonymous. Click on the link below to access the survey.


Also, we would deeply appreciate it if you would forward this message to others in the field of education (education students, faculty, K-12 teachers, principals, corporate trainers...anyone involve in educating others). Additionally here is a handy tweet you can copy and paste on to your twitter feed or Facebook post if you like:

Please complete this survey on 21st century learning http://tiny.cc/teach21st/ Thank you @punyamishra

Thank you very much for considering this request and please contact me, punya@msu.edu if you have any questions.


Punya Mishra

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