Google Forms - Copy Summary Graph/Diagram to Use Elsewhere

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If you are looking at the summary view of the results for some Form data you have collected, you can  copy a chart or diagram that you want to use elsewhere very easily and quickly.

Simply hover over the chart or diagram, and a copy icon will appear in the upper right corner of it.  Click on that -

Arrowing pointing to copy chart icon
You will get a message that it has been copied to to the clipboard in the lower left corner - 

You can then paste it into the location you want to use it.  Here's an example in a G Doc - 
chart pasted into a document

I also pasted it into: Slides, an email, a Sites webpage, in my Blogger.  A nice feature addition that saves time from taking screenshots!


  1. Man! Thanks a lot! U amazing! :)

  2. It is not working. What could be the problem?

    1. As I'm not sure about the type of question/graph you are trying to copy and paste, I cannot be sure. Some of the bar graphs I have noticed do not copy well. Sometimes you can have a browser issue as well. I would suggest trying: a different browser; a different type of graph; pasting into a different location - all can help you narrow down the issue.

  3. Hi! I tried pasting it on Word/Publisher/PPT but it won't appear. It only appears when I do it on my email.

    1. I'm going to honest - I have not used MS Office in several years at this point. Perhaps creating a screen shot of it will work better in this instance? (Command + Shift + 4 on a Mac, snipping tool on the PC, varies on the Chromebook, but most of the ones I work with use Control + Shift + I can't get the graphic here, but it is the button at the top that shows all your open windows.

  4. Hi, This only lets me copy and paste a picture. I need the actual chart and information pasted. Is that possible? Main reason is the chart is cutting off the labels and I can't understand the data.

  5. I can't paste a copied chart :(


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