Google Sites - Limit Who Sees Published Site

The "new" Google Sites has another new setting.  When deciding who can view your site, you now have more options than just the standard "Anyone" and "Everyone in my organization" - a huge improvement if you are trying to find ways to share data to a limited number of people.  This feature has been available when you create a new site; as of today, I could also use this setting on an existing site (created with the "New" Google Sites of course).

When you have existing site, you need to change this in the following way.

1. Click on the Share icon (silhouette with plus), like you would when adding an editor to your site -

2. Look for the new option of "Published" which will let you control who views your site.  Click on the Change... at the end of the line -

3.  Select "Specific people can view when published" -

4. Type in the name of the person or group you want to be able to view the site - 

5.  Change the icon from edit (Can edit) to viewer (Can view published), the icon will change from a pencil to an eye- 

Notice that the ability to Notify people with an email is not available to you when adding a viewer -  
6. To share it, you will need to 

If you are working on a brand-new site, or one that has not been published yet, when you click on the Publish the first time you will have the option to manage the viewers - 

This will take you the same screen as going to the Share settings -


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