The MathMaster App Review for iEAR

App Title: The MathMaster

Grade Level: 3rd-9th

Purpose: A
The MathMaster app is a math drill application that lets the user set the number, type and range of values used for the problems.  The app times the user on the length of time to complete the number of problems, providing stats on the average amount of time per problem.  The user can select from one or more of these problem types: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, powers and/or roots.  By the way, this app was written by a couple of seventh grade students!

Program Functionality: A
The MathMaster does exactly what it is written for.  The user can drill a variety of basic math facts, in a program that is basic but runs very smoothly and does not have slowdowns or hangtime.

Overall Educational Value: A
As a support application for practicing and drilling basic math facts, the MathMaster is the best one I have come across.  There are no frills, but it is very easy to set up and provides some basic statistics to help the user set goals. If the user gets a problem wrong, it gives instant feedback and remains on the problem until the user gets it correct.  Unlike many other drill applications that provide a multiple choice format, the user has to type in the answer on MathMaster.

Cost: $0.99 (regular iTunes store price)

Recommendation: I would recommend this application for students that need extra help or support in learning and practicing their basic math facts.  The fact that the user has to type in an answer instead of choosing from a multiple choice format prevents smart guesswork, which is what my son did on other programs.  I liked that the user could set up the largest and smallest numbers used individually for BOTH numbers (for example, I could set the multiplier to be in the range of 6-8, and the multiplicand in the range of 0-9), OR it had "easy," "normal," and "difficult" presets that could quickly be used.

Classroom Use Examples / Ideas: I could see this as a great practice or reinforcement application to support learning math facts.  

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Reviewer Name: Melinda Waffle
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