Moodle Monday (Graphics as Links, Moodle help)

Happy Monday, Moodle users!

Some Moodle points to share:
1. Graphics as Links: If you want to “jazz up” your page easily, you can assign links to your graphics or images.  These links can go to outside websites OR even to items within Moodle itself as every added item in Moodle gets assigned a unique URL for your course!  To add the link to a graphics you have already placed on the page:
a.       edit the location with the graphic
b.      highlight the graphic by clicking on it
c.       click on the link icon in the HTML toolbar (the chain link icon)
d.      type or paste in the URL  address (this could be an outside site or an activity in Moodle) OR click on Browse to select a file you have uploaded
e.      click OK
This is a great way to create shortcuts within your Moodle course.

2. Moodle help: If you have a questions about what something does or is when in your Moodle course, make sure to utilize the  question mark circles that are built in next to just about everything in Moodle.  These little help files often give you enough information to know how to proceed.  If you are still stuck after that, is a great place to get more information and help.  It’s also a great place to get some new ideas on different ways to use features you already use!

Feel free to share with others! 

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