iPads in Education - App Suggestion iBooks

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Basics: Yes, you can buy eBooks from the Store within iBooks, but you can also add your own materials (pdf and epub formats), and add materials garnered from other places on the web.  The highlighting, note taking, built in dictionary, and bookmarking make it an interactive experience without defacing an actual book.

Educational Use:  I have heard of many students with certain reading problems that can read better using iBooks as they can increase and change the font, and even change it from black text on white to Sepia or white on black.  The ability for teachers to share their materials with students on the mobile device is nice; however, when teachers make their materials ePub format it is huge as it adds the functionality of the interactive pieces.  The interactive features make it a great way to teach students how to take good notes that have meaning for them, and that are tied to the actual material the notes are about.  I also know of an ELA teacher that gives assignments using iBooks - having student read novels as eBooks and do such things as highlight the main characters/themes/plots etc; the teacher then does a walk-about to see what the students have done by looking at the table of contents.  The new addition of textbooks adds yet another dimension to this.

Drawback in Education:  Biggest drawback is most of these uses work best in a one-to-one environment.  If students are sharing devices, they have access to each others bookmarks, notes, etc.

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