iPads in Education - App Suggestion ScreenChomp

 (Currently Free)

Basics: Record your explanation along with your "markings" on the device at the same time.  Called a "doodling board," you use some simple drawing tools to explain or bring to life a problem or picture.  You can start with either a blank screen or a picture from your Photo Library.  The recordings are uploaded to "the cloud," and give you access to a url link you can use to either email out or post to a site for easy access; you can also download the video as a mp4 file for editing or local storage.

Educational Use: Teachers and students can easily create short tutorials, sample problems, diagrams with explanations, etc that can be shared with each other.  As a teacher, this can be used to help reinforce concepts taught OR (if a student created the material) to check for learning.  As a student, I could have a site to go to if I need to revisit the material and I can view it at my own pace as many time as needed.  As a parent, I can see the content so I can better support my student at home.

Drawback in Education:  --

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