Moodle - How to set forum subscription settings

Controlling Emails from Moodle

Today in looking at how to control the number of emails you are getting from your forums in Moodle, I will address subscriptions.

First, you should know how to control your default subscription settings. To get there, log onto your Moodle and click on Administration - > My profile settings -> Edit profile

Once there, look about half way down the information to the "Forum auto-subscribe" option.

You can change that either to "Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum" or "No: don't automatically subscribe me to the forums."  Remember, this is a default setting; you can individually change it for each forum you participate in when posting.  So, if you do not want most of the messages you are getting from forums, you should select "No."

Another choice you have is the Email digest type:

You can choose from the following options to control the amount of email:
  • No digest ( single email per forum post)
  • Complete (daily email with full posts)
  • Subjects (daily email with subjects only)
This can be another setting to help minimize the email slam certain forums seem to provide as you do not have to receive one email per post.

While these are default settings, you can also set the subscription different for specific forums.  To do this, when you are posting to a forum look for the Subscription setting in the post information:

You can select whether to receive emails from this particular forum here.

Next week, we will look at the Messaging system as another method for controlling the email notifications you receive into your email inbox.


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