Moodle - Managing the Messaging System

Changing your Messaging Settings

Today we will look at another way to control the number AND type of emails you are getting from your forums and all other activities in Moodle.  This is through your messaging settings.

To get to your messaging settings, go to your settings and look under "My profile settings" for Messaging. 

This will bring you to a window that has a list of all the items you can set your messaging choices for.  This list will change depending on the roles you have on the server -e.g.  if you are a teacher, you will have more choices than someone who is only a student on the server.

For each item that appears in your list, you have two different messaging choices you can enable/disable via checkboxes:
  • Popup notifications - which will appear on the screen when you log in for several seconds
  • Email - which will send an email from the Moodle system to your account
Additionally, you can choose whether/if it happens:
  • When you are logged in
  • When you are offline
Looking through this list, you can really customize what types of emails you are receiving from Moodle.

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