Google Apps - Customizing Your Form Theme

So, it isn't really a functional update, but it is one that is going to be popular - the ability to customize your form theme.  Why?  It's about branding - finally I can create themes that are branded to my organization or projects.  Not only is that valuable for those that are filling out the form, but it is valuable for me so at a glance I can know what the form is associated with.  

Here is how it works - 

1. You click on the Change theme button on the toolbar.  A menu of themes will appear on the right side of the window.

2. Pick the theme you would like to customize by clicking on it (you can use the Basic, or you can find a pre-created theme that is close to what you want to use).  When you click on it, a new "Customize" option pops up underneath the name.

3. Clicking on the "Customize" brings up a list of items that can be changed on the theme.  Click on any of the items to begin customizing. 

4. As you customize, a preview updates on the left so you can see how it will change your form.

A very cool feature is the ability to copy a theme from another form.  For some of the projects I work on, I will spend the time setting up a customized form that I will copy for all forms used with the project.  A very slick & quick way to create that branding I want!

If you'd like a video overview of this, Google Guru has a great one - 

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