Opportunity - Read Around the Planet

Read Around the Planet 2015: A Project Matching Event

TWICE invites you to participate in a collaborative reading event using videoconference technology in celebration of with Read Across America!

WHAT: a CAPspace Matching Event - you sign up and we provide you a partner class.
REGISTRATION: December 1st to January 16, 2015!
RAP DATES: February 23 - Wednesday, March 6, 2015
**Please check your calendars for vacation, conference days, testing, etc. BEFORE registering to know which days work for your class.**

Classes share skits, raps, original poetry/writing, songs, game shows, and more.  Classes can participate in English, or a variety of other languages, or special education.

CHECK OUT: RAP website: http://www.twice.cc/RAP
-  Flyer
-  Verification and Registration dates
-  Teacher and Coordinator Packets
-  Additional Information

Collaborations vs. Projects

There are two kinds of connections between classes in CAPspace:
    1. Collaborations:
        Teacher created
        Post under Projects, Collaborations
        Find your own partner
        Create your own support materials

    2. Projects (or Matching Events, i.e., Read Around the Planet):
        Centrally managed and coordinated
        Dates & times are already set
        A partner class is provided for you
        Support materials are already created for you
        You sign up for ALL the times you can do; when the match is run, partners & times are assigned

We hope you can participate this year in TWICE's signature event, Read Around the Planet, which was the event that started CAPspace!

Polycom Special Events are also open for registration. Check them out under My Projects, Polycom


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